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The importance of DATA is crucial in the process chain for simulation. Scaleable businesss models must be SECUREFASTRELIABLE for ALL participants in the simulation. This has existential character, especially in the ongoing disruptive change.

Our Solution

OVAL is a common decentralized infrastructure for the secure exchange of sensitive data and applies to ALL parties involved in the simulation: OEMs, ADAS function developers, sensor manufacturers, data producers (e.g. digital tracks, scenarios, environment – Digital-Twins), simulation service providers, and finally certification bodies.

The OVAL ecosystem implements the necessary infrastructure for trustworthy data exchange between the parties involved to deliver results quickly, securely and reliably.

The OVAL ecosystem

Our technological Basis

About Us

Perpetuum Progress is an independent, founder-driven company headquartered in Ingolstadt – Munich area – Germany.

Our heart is beating for the development of autonomous mobility.

Since our foundation in 2020, our international team is working on an open-standard based platform for virtual validation of autonomous mobility.

Besides the product driven development we are working as an engineering partner in serial development for OEMs and First-Tiers. Also, in consortium research projects, we develop innovative solutions on the way to autonomous mobility. The combined experience of these two fields enables us to create our own innovative platform as a service: OpenValidation Plattform (OVAL).


Many years of experience in the field of automotive development and simulation, combined with an international network of engineering and research experts allows us the powerful realization of today’s hot-topics: Virtual Reality / Simulation, Cloud Computing, Security and Blockchain.

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